Abogada Nancy on Radio and TV

Abogada Nancy is fluent in Spanish, which has allowed her to get closer to the immigrant community through her various appearances on television, radio and social media. Through these platforms, she has guided thousands of migrants who have trusted the advice and good disposition of Attorney Nancy.

In the past 5 years, Nancy has shown her passion for the immigrant community by imparting her knowledge to the community on radio and television. You have probably seen or heard her on local, regional and national radio and television with some of her friends that include:

Que Buena- Los Angeles:

Don Cheto, Marlene Quinto, Compa Radio

Piolin, Erazno, Genio, Irma Covarrubias

Univision Radio:
Bronca, Ysaac Alvarez- K-love, Donaji – K-love, Maria Esther – Recuerdo, El Zorro (Fresno/San Jose), Glorybella (San Jose)

SBS Radio:
El Terrible – La Raza, Chikilin – La Raza, Omar Velazco (Mega 93.9FM), Compa Gil (San Jose)

And has also been seen on TV: Univision & Telemundo

Don Cheto's "Abogada"

Abogada Nancy On La Que Buena Los Angeles

Also known as “Don Cheto’s Abogada, was on his show for years providing immigration guidance to the latino community through his syndicated radio program, The Don Cheto Show.

Que Buena- LA:

  • Don Cheto
  • Marlene Quinto
  • Compa Radio

Immigration attorney on Telemundo

Abogada Nancy on Telemundo52

Abogada Nancy has been invited on “Acesso Total” providing relevant information to the community about immigration changes.

Immigration attorney on Univision

Abogada Nancy on Univision KMEX 34

You’ve seen her provide the latest immigration news and legal tips on Univision
Immigration attorney on the Radio

Abogada Nancy on the various stations on Entravision Radio

Abogada Nancy helps the latino community with immigration tips with 100s of appearances on radio every month. Entravision Radio – Jose 97.5 FM:
  • Piolin
  • Erazno y La Chocolata
  • Genio Lucas
  • Irma Covarrubias
Immigration attorney on Univision Radio

Abogada Nancy on Univision Radio

You’ve heard her for years interacting on live shows with the immigrant community to resolve their immigration doubts.
  • Bronca – EL Free Guey Show
  • Ysaac Alvarez- K-love
  • Donaji – K-love
  • Maria Esther – Recuerdo
  • El Zorro (Fresno/San Jose)
  • Glorybella -Amor -San Jose
Immigration attorney on the Radio

Abogada Nancy on the SBS radio stations

Resolving immigration doubts and questions for the Hispanic community. SBS Radio:
  • El Terrible – La Raza
  • Chikilin – La Raza
  • Omar Velazco – Mega
  • Compa Gil – San Jose

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